Podcast: Poaching Pop Quiz

[image credit: animalnational.com]

Why did I choose to do it like this?

Basically, I decided to interview my friend; a genetics student with a healthy interest in Conservation. I was interested in seeing just how much someone knew about the current goings on in the animal trafficking operations being undertaken around the world, and getting their opinion on what may have been the cause of such a thing.

Ideally, I would have loved to speak to an expert in such matters (either an expert in conservation, or an expert in Elephant behaviour like those I worked with in Thailand), but ultimately I decided that it would be more interesting to get the honest opinion of someone of the general public.

As I believe the key to helping the plight of animals affected by poaching, and other illegal animal trades, is mainly awareness, I wanted to see how much awareness and knowledge about things a regular person had.


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