Royal Support for Actions Against the Illegal Animal Trade

Prince William has spoken out, first in an interview with Barack Obama and then in a talk to the World Bank, about the need to work together in order to tackle poaching against rhinos and elephants, calling the currently devastation ‘A loss for all humanity’.

To watch the video on the BBC news website, click here.

In my opinion, having notable figures standing up and taking notice of the situations occurring in Africa is one of the most vital steps needed in combating the problem, and there are few around the world more notable than the British Royal Family (and I’m not just saying that because I am British, honest).  In order to make people, ordinary people, actually sit up and take notice, there have to be figures who attract that attention. It may seem strange, that the Duke of Cambridge is speaking out about such a thing with the American President, neither of whom come from countries which really seem to have an role in the illegal trade of animals and related items at all… but it’s not really.

Poaching is just one form of animal trafficking that is going on in the world right now, after all. The illegal smuggling of living animals in the exotic pet trade is a situation that is still on going (there was a case about the man who managed to get baby tortoises into a country by smuggling them down his pants, wasn’t there?) and in order to raise awareness about where anything animal related has come from (and not just ivory artifacts), there has to be at least one person willing to speak out whom people already listen to.

And I’m pretty sure that Prince William and Barack Obama are people who are able to get others to listen; general public and the leaders of other countries alike.


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