Why This Topic?

To put it bluntly, elephants have always been what could be considered my favourite animal. My name is Ella, after all, and all through my life people have paired me with them, and I have never complained. I consider them to be wonderful creatures; intelligent and magnificent, and to learn about what humanity has done to them just makes me want to help them in anyway that I can.

It was always my dream to get the chance to work alongside these creatures, to spend time with them in a setting as close to being wild as was possible, and in July of 2013 I finally got that chance… and it was everything I had ever hoped it to be. I spent two weeks in Thailand, working with Asian elephants rescued from the domestic elephant industry, and my love for these creatures has done nothing but grown since that time.

I would love for everyone else to have the chance to share in the joy that I felt, the moment an elephant trusted me enough to embrace me with her trunk, the amusement at watching a year old youngster mimicking the adults in his heard at feeding time with a tiny trunk trying to scoop up food the adults had dropped for him, and the awe inspiring fear that came when the child was spooked by a human, and the adult elephants rallied to defend him. Every moment was amazing, and everything I saw has been stuck in my mind ever since, and I wish that other people had the chance to see it all too.

It’s almost heartbreaking to realise that someday, potentially within our lifetimes, there won’t be any elephants left in the wild to go and see.

A study, posted in the early months of 2013, revealed the truth behind the increase in demand for ivory originating from the developing Asian countries; Elephants, and rhinos, are on course to be completely extinct within 100 years thanks to poaching. If the rate continues in such a drastic manner, then they are on set to be gone within one tenth of that time. To lose such creatures would be devastating.

This blog is going to be a collection of information on the topic; the figures behind the facts, and any news of processes and methods that people are putting forward in an attempt to bring this poaching cull to an end. One species of rhino has already gone extinct in the wild, and now that there are actually more species of elephant than previously thought alive in this world, we only have more to lose.


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